What makes a great Public Speaker?

How often do you remember to take care of you?

When I decided that I wanted to become a Public Speaker, it was clear to me immediately what topic I wanted to talk about was.


We are all caregivers in one aspect or another. Whether it being a parent, taking care of a parent, your partner, a neighbor. Whomever it may be, we can all put ourselves in this subject.

What is caregiving?

Caregiving can be any number of things. I like to focus mainly on these four categories:

  • Traditional

  • Unexpected

  • Neighborly

  • Self (the most important, in my opinion)

My promise

After hearing me speak, guests will understand the value of themselves and how to view themselves as not just a caregiver. My talk will present them with real life situations and events that they will be able to relate to, in some way. It will impart on them that it is ok to take care of you even while caring for others.

My keynote

Caregiving- Nurturing the soul, balancing life, love, tough times, and celebrating ALL caregivers. Stories from a life of caregiving.

If you are interested in hearing more about me and my speaking, please contact me! I look forward to it.

Fees, details, and dates will be discussed at booking.

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