“Her life was finally getting back on the right path. Things were really looking up for them, and she did not think anything could really change that. However, over the next few years, things would pop up in her life that she never would dream of coming up, paths would be crossed that hadn’t been in decades, lines will be blurred, and life as she knew it would become vastly different for her—actually, for everyone she had ever known and loved. Secrets would be revealed, hearts would be broken, and more buildings would burn.”

A Selfless Life, Belle

“That night, they both lay in their beds recapping the night, having flashbacks of the kiss. What did Lily know? So many unknownsand questions, but all would be revealed in time.”

A Selfless Life, Chapter 15

She interrupted, “How dare you show up here and put me on the spot like this? This is so unfair, Cory.” Cory walked toward her;she backed away. “No, don’t you dare do that.” He inched closer to her. “I mean it. Stop.” She knew she didn’t want him to, but she also knew that she couldn’t keep doing this to herself. “Cory—”

A Selfless Life, Chapter 27

His heart felt heavy and achy, he wondered if this is what if felt like for your heart to break, and why did feel like that encounter with Belle felt more of a farewell forever.

Cory, Chapter 1

"I guess I was just used it being him and I, thought that’s how it was supposed to be forever."

Sara, Chapter 20

"Belle, you have always made smart, calculated decisions for your family, I have no doubt this will be any different. Do what your heart is telling you to do."

Lily, Chapter 24

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